Leadership for America PAC has been founded to help bring competition and better candidates to our elections.

People all over the United States are looking for a fresh alternative to the Democrat and Republican parties.

The two parties are being driven by extremists and suffer from a lack of new ideas and accountability to the people.

The growing hostile rhetoric we see from Democrats and Republicans, as well as the "my way or the highway" politics, is harming the majority of the people who need help solving their most pressing issues.

As a result of the divisiveness and poor policies from the Democrats and Republicans, voters are looking for reasonable, common sense approaches to governance. They are looking for a government that puts people first.

Leadership for America has been formed to focus on identifying the problems and then setting out to find the best possible solutions - regardless of ideology.

We also are committed to recruiting, training, and supporting those independent candidates who are driven by a desire to serve their communities.

To help improve our schools, increase our access to quality medical care, ensure options for affordable housing, create a vibrant economy, enhance our infrastructure, and help those who need a hand to get back on their own two feet, Leadership for America PAC is here is to make difference and support alternatives to the political duopoly that continues to fail our communities.

To make a difference for ourselves, our families, friends and communities, we need your help. We need your ideas, your energy, and your support.

Together, we can make a difference throughout this beautiful country, and elect candidates we all can be proud of.

-Leadership for America Team

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